Is Etihad Airways Ticket Refundable?

Yes, Etihad Airways provides you refund for flight cancellation. The airline gives you a refund for all eligible flight tickets. Whether you travel domestically or internationally, the airline offers you a full refund if your flight is suitable for a refund — also, all types of Etihad flight refund processes as per the decided refund policy of the airline.

Thus if you want to request a refund, you must know the Etihad Airlines refund policy. It will help you to cancel the ticket without paying any additional charges. Also, if tickets are eligible, you may get a full refund. Here is a list of instructions that you should consider if you want to cancel your flight booking.

  • There will be zero cancellation fees if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of the ticket purchase. In such a case, you may also get a full refund.
  • Also, the 24 hours Etihad Airlines flight cancellation policy applies to the booking made seven or more days before the departure.
  • If you book a ticket under seven days from departure, you face cancellation charges even if you cancel it within 24 hours.
  • Moreover, only refundable tickets may request you a refund. If you book a non-refundable flight ticket, there will be no refund, and you might get travel points after the cancellation.
  • In addition to this, you can use the travel points that you receive after the cancellation for future travel. The travel points on Etihad Airways come with limited validity.
  • After knowing the above information on refund policy, you must not wonder whether is Etihad Airways ticket refundable? If such a query is still haunting you, you should dial the customer service phone number to get all details. The support team offers you all information on a refund.

How Long Are Etihad Refunds Taking?

If you cancel a flight ticket and request a refund, it may take up to 21 working days to get the amount. Also, the refund amount returns in the same mode of payment via the same transaction method. If you face any delay, contact the bank. The airline initiates as soon as the airline receives the refund request.

The process of requesting a refund is simple, and you can do that by going to its website. All you need to go to the Manage Booking section. Once you reach there, you can request a refund without seeing any trouble. Apart from this, the reservation support team is also there to help you cancel a booking and request a refund.

Thus if you wonder is Etihad refunding tickets and want to cancel your booking and request a refund, the airline gives you a full refund on a single phone call. Yet you need more assistance; you can connect with a support team expert via live chat or other services.

What If You Want to Request a Refund on a Phone Call?

The airline provides you complete customer service and helps you to request a refund on a phone call. The support team gives you all details to request a refund. The customer service team is available over a single phone call, and that too round the clock. So, dial the phone number and get immediate assistance.

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