Guide to contact a live person from KLM Airlines

Officially known as the oldest airline globally, KLM Airlines is the flag carrier airline of the region of the Netherlands. It provides various scheduled flights to different international and domestic locations. It keeps an excellent track record of the scheduled flights it has, and it also provides its services in the cargo sector of the aviation industry.

If you have a booking or a reservation with KLM Airlines and you have a set of doubts which you need to clear out first, and you feel the need to speak to a live person at KLM airlines, well, in that case, the points mentioned below will help you speak to a live representative from the customer support team of KLM Airlines.

Speak to an executive from the support team of KLM Airlines

To get in touch with an executive from the support team and get a hold of the KLM customer service team, then you’ll need to follow;

  1. On a web browser, you consider it preferable.
  2. You can get into your account or continue as a guest on the official website of KLM Airlines.
  3. Once the website loads, locate and click on three horizontal lines present on the top left corner of the page.
  4. It will open a half-section drop-down menu.
  5. Scroll down and click on the option of ‘Contact Us.’
  6. It will showcase all the available options you can opt for speaking to a live person at KLM Airlines.
  • Phone Support- You can make a phone call to the support team of KLM Airlines.

  • On the contact us page, it will ask you to select three categories;
  1. Topic
  2. Request
  3. Solutions
  • Select the required topic and proceed with the instructions.
  • On the last page, it will showcase the official phone number for the support team.
  • Make a phone call to the number provided within their hours of operation.
  • You’ll be able to speak to a live person from the customer support team of KLM Airlines.
  • The resolution will be provided to you in the same manner.
  • Thus, you can reach KLM customer service by following the points mentioned above and get a resolution by speaking to a live KLM person.

Calling steps to reach a person at KLM:

  • Dial the KLM customer service number +44 11 339 68 02 2
  • Press # for quick connection
  • Press1 for booking related query 
  • After that, you get a connection with KLM's customer service representative.
Languages Opening hours (local time)
English, French

Today: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Today: 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM

  • Messenger Support- You can have a live chat support session with the help of the Facebook Messenger application.

  1. Click on the option of ‘Contact KLM by Facebook Messenger.’
  2. Now log in to your Facebook account by entering the username and password.
  3. It will automatically redirect you to a live chat session with an executive from the support team of KLM Airlines.
  4. You can then contact a live person from the support team of KLM Airlines with the help of the chat procedure.
  • WhatsApp Support- You can enjoy the customer support services provided by KLM on WhatsApp as well;

  1. If you click on the option of ‘Contact KLM by WhatsApp.’
  2. It will showcase the OR code to start a chat with the official support team of KLM Airlines.
  3. It will look as if KLM Airlines is added to your contact lists, and you are just leaving a standard text.
  4. Initially, you’ll be welcomed by a text message by a digital assistant.
  5. Once you choose all the required credentials, a live WhatsApp representative will connect with you.
  6. If you wish, you can also make a phone call to the support department with the help of the WhatsApp application.

Henceforth, the query of can I call KLM on WhatsApp? Can be quickly resolved if you go through the points mentioned above in a hassle-free and timely manner and can put them into your use for your convenience.

How can I connect to a person at KLM?

KLM offers a solution on a different path to solve a large number of queries in a short period. If you are struggling to run the reservation process, claim, or question the flyer program, you can connect with a person. 

  • KLM customer support via the phone number 

For last-minute queries or group booking issues, you must use the phone number. As it eases the process and one can talk to the person and get the solution fast. You can get the official phone number after selecting the region. 

  • KLM customer support via Whatsapp or messenger 

When you have WhatsApp or messenger, then you don’t have to worry about the solution. You have to send a single message to them, and you can see the menu. According to it, you can answer and connect with a person. And you can expect the whole day solution. 

In this way, you can get the answer of How can I reach KLM? Though the process is different, the solutions remain the same.

  • KLM Social Networks Customer Service here

  1. KLM customer service will be contacted via the KLM Facebook page.
  2. KLM customer service could be contacted via the KLM WhatsApp page.
  3. You can also reach out to the KLM live support via the KLM Twitter page

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