Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

How to Change name on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines is one of the leading and dominant American Airlines. It is the second biggest airlines of the world in terms of revenue and total travelers carried. It offers great in-flight services and its snack and drink options are also great. Delta Airlines offers various services through website and customer support. Here we are discussing about Delta Airlines Name Change Policy that is important to know by the travelers in the case if sometime while booking our flight ticket we make errors in our name and that creates problem for us. So to avoid these or overcome you can get details about Delta Airlines Name Change Policy here and can make your corrections accordingly.

Delta Airlines Name Change

Name of the traveler should be same as that in the passport or any other government issued ID. Otherwise traveler may face problem during on board. If there is minor spelling mistake then you can change it easily through its website by going to the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy section but if your name is totally different then you will have to change your name in the booked ticket. In general, if you have made any spelling mistake then it is better to change it quickly because some airlines allow name change without charging any fee, if name is changed within 24 hours of booking according to Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. For more details related to the Delta Airlines name change you can visit their official website and read all the details related to this policy.

Delta Name Change Policy

To change your name you can follow this easy procedure:

  1. First of all, open the travel website and sign in to your account.
  2. Enter your sign in credential and access your account.
  3. Further click on My Reservation menu.
  4. Then select Editor option and click on your existing name.
  5. Update your name and write it correctly.
  6. Before clicking on save button, review your name once again.
  7. Your name will be updated and details of these changes will be sent on your email address.

In case you come across any issue you can call Delta airlines phone number and make them aware about your problem or can query about Delta Airlines Name Change Policy. They will help not only help you in changing your name but will also brief you about the delta airlines name change policy.

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