How Can I change a flight with Air France?

A flight change process is relatively easy to perform without any trouble. But this task is available within the airline's official website that you will have to execute by following answers Can I change a flight with Air France These are given below for your reference.

Steps to change your air ticket at Air France:

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of the airline 
  • Next, sign in to your airline account by using the correct username/id & password
  • Now click on manage my booking section through the website page
  • After this, click onto tabs & provide in your PNR number & last name of the passenger & then click on the search tab 
  • After this, you will get the list of the tickets that you have currently booked & previously booked 
  • After this, you need to click over the ticket that you want to change with new details 
  • Now click on modify button & after this, you will have to change the date, time, or itinerary of your flight ticket as well as you get the option to change your travel class. But according to your fare rules which allow for the changes with or without a fee etc.
  • After all the necessary changes with your new ticket, now click on the save tab & move forward

How long before a flight can you change it to Air France?

  • If you need to know how long before a flight can you change it to Air France, then the answer is if you book your ticket from the United States & directly through Air France Airlines. 
  • Then you can change your ticket within 7 days before departure & want to get full refunds then you will have to cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking & it does not matter which type of ticket you have purchased (refundable or non-refundable).
  • However, now to know the process through which you will learn about the flight changing process, the points will give you the best overview for ticket changing procedure.

In the end, if the new ticket price is higher, you will have to pay a supplement & in case the fare is lower, you will partially get reimbursed.

Therefore, by the above-given procedure, you can know how Can I change a flight with Air Francewithout any trouble & you can get assistance from an expert executive if needed.

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